Entrence:Blowing the Trumpet

91:an blows an trumpet to summon the other opponents

Special Attacks

Neutral B-Rake Tool

¨91:an uses his Rake Tool to create a small tornado (similar to Gale thrust from mii sword fighter) the tornado pushes the opponents abit but dont harm them , however if charged up there will be leaves that will damage the opponent and get stuck on their faces or if the tornado absorbs an item it can become explosive

Side B-Peasoup Filled Sock

91:an throws his hairy sock filled with peasoup, it give opponents 16 procent damage and cover their faces in peasoup which will reverse Controls , make them slower. if the opponent is an hot-head he or she will be angry at 91:an

Up B-Tied on a Balloon

91:an gets tied on a ballon and levitates upwards

Down B-Accordion

91:an plays his favourite instrument with this move he can paralyze enemies and stop incoming projectiles

Final Smash-You can leave your Hat on Accordion Cover

87:an`s old mother comes to the stage and 91:an starts to play the strip tease song known as "You Can Leave Your hat on" with his accordion and Bottina Axelsson (87:an`s mother) starts to peform a strip tease this disgusts and scares the opponents while the opponents closest to 87:an`s mother will get scarred and thus get an instant KO while the other opponents runs away in fear or they get grossed-out effect for 30 seconds







Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1:*Plays Accordion Happy while wearing a flower hat*

Victory 2:*Arriving to a date with Elvira*

Victory 3:*Eating Hot Dogs triumphant*

Victory 4 (together with 87:an): *Both eat dinner at a Luxury restaurant*

Victory 5 (if won on homestage with Final Smash): *Walks away Happily with Kisses on his cheeks*

Victory 6(together with female characters): *Bathes happily in a soup cauldron and scrubs himself while the female character just stares astonished/Shocked*

Lose/Claps:Locked in prison

Lose/clap2(only when beaten by female characters who used final smash):Naked and embarressed

Lose/clap3 (together with 87:an): *Both in prison*

Naked Karlsson

Second Lose Pose,Oh My....

Alternate Colours/Pallette Swaps



Home Stage

Klackamo City Tour