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Battle Enterance 

Scooting in

Amethyst rides her hover scooter, stops, jumps off, and proceeds to battle


Neutral B: Spellbead

Amethyst will throw a Spellbead at the opponent. There are different effects for the bead: Fire, Stun, Freeze, Health Leech, and Poisen. Be carefull you only have 5 beads in your stock 

Side B: Hover Scooter

Amethyst will ride her hover scooter, Unlike Wario she can fly. Press A to shoot pink beads or B to get off

Up B: Anime Effect

Amethyst will get in a fast-forward-y type background and fly upward. If an opponent is over you they will get knocked upward

Down B: Knight's Sword

Amethyst will get out a sword and reflect projectiles with it. It's like a spammy version of EG Twilight's neutral B. You can also damage opponents with the sword


Amethyst summons the rest of the Trollz girls and they say BFFL 5 times until a pink aura shines down on the opponents instantly them

K.O. Sounds

K.O.1: UGH

K.O.2: OW

StarK.O.: *Screams*

ScreenK.O.: uh 


Up: *Smiles and Blushes*

Side: *Arms out* CALM DOWN!!

Down: *Looks at her bead*

Victory Options

Victory1: *Types on her laptop saying* I think i'll rename this file: Best Game Ever

Victory2: *Her friends hug her and giggle*

Victory3: *The girls are sitting and the Trollz logo appears behind them and they all say* Trollz: It's a hair thing

Lose: *Stand there crying*

Character Description

Amethyst Van Der Troll is the girl you can not help but love. Amethyst has so much natural charm, you would think she was using a spell. She is the super glue of the BFFL (Best Friends For Life!). And by glue we mean like the ultra-sticky kind, not the gross pasty kind from kindergarten. Her friends and family are the most important things to her. She is the best friend a girl could have - loyal, totally down to earth and always real.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks​

AAA Combo: Fingernail swipes (Swipes 2 times)

Dash Attack:


Side Tilt: Belly-gem glow

Up Tilt: Jump

Down Tilt: Spell-phone open


Side Smash: Shoots magic aura from her finger

Up Smash: Hairflip 

Down Smash:


Neutral Air: Spinning

Forward Air: Lipstick 

Back Air:

Up Air: Hairbrush

Down Air:


Grab: One hand

Pummel: Hair smack

Forward Throw: Play-ball

Back Throw:

Up Throw: Hairflip

Down Throw:


Ledge Attack:

100% Ledge Attack:

Get-Up Attack:

Trip Attack:

Waiting Animations

Wait1: *Thinking Pose*

Wait2: *Looks left and right*

Wait3: *Checks her phone*


Victory Theme

It's a hair thing

Kirby Hat

Amethyst's Hair and Spellbead Bracelet 


Amethyst Trophy

:Trollz (2006)

:Trollz Hair Affair

Snake Codec


Daily Buglin' 


Maxwell and Dexter Guidance 

Hamtaro: Who is she?

Dexter: That's Amethyst. She is the leader of the BFFL

Hamtaro: BFFL?

Dexter: Yes. That stands for "Best Friends for Life"

Hamtaro: Those are some pretty fancy seeds she's got

Maxwell: Those are'nt seeds Hamtaro. Those are Spellbeads. Watch out when she starts to throw one

Hamtaro: What do you mean?

Maxwell: Those beads are magical. That means Amethyst will cast a spell on you

Sapphire: And for her Final Smash she can summon us to use our team chant to shoot a big laser

Dexter: Just what are you talking about?!

Sapphire: Amethyst will let US finish you.......Right after she gets the Smash Ball

Moveset Theme

Trollz theme song

Classic Mode Credits Theme

Trollz Ending

Colors and Costumes

  • Default
  • Ruby (Red)
  • Sapphire (Blue)
  • Topaz (Green)
  • Onyx (Purple and Black)
  • Simon (Blue outfit Ginger hair)
  • Dark Amethyst 
  • Amethyst (Steven Universe)  
Amethyst pallete swaps 2


  • When Amethyst gets grabbed, She is grabbed by her hair
  • She is one of the Stageless characters in Smash Bros Lawl Toon 
  • One of her Alternate Costumes is the colors of Amethyst from Steven Universe
  • This is a referance to the characters having the same name



Smash Bros02:26

Smash Bros. Lawl Toon Moveset Amethyst

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