Anthony Melchiorri Standin

Anthony's Dirty List is a component similar to Carlos Trejo's list. the list is used in Anthony's Final Smash, and rates characters on their ability to keep themselves and their surroundings clean, as well as factors such as weirdness, rudeness, and Kindness. For each number down, that Lawler will be more vunerable to damage (starting at X.20 going down)

Smash Bros Lawl 4D

(cleanest to dirtiest)

1. Gordon Ramsay

2. Jon Taffer

3. Joe

4. Gabe Newell

5. Christoper Walken

6. Gwonam

7. YTP Jack Black

8. LodsofEmone

9. MLP Michael

10.George Costanza


Smash Bros Lawl

Smash Bros Lawl X

  1. Trip
  2. Serph
  3. Guy who doesn't like green eggs and ham
  4. Sora
  5. Fluttershy
  6. Michael Rosen
  7. Mr. Bean
  8. Stewie
  9. Tomo Takino
  10. Abrigded Marik
  11. Abrigded Kaiba
  12. Angry German Kid
  13. Pinkie Pie
  14. Jen Masterson
  15. Konata
  16. Stinkmeaner
  17. Hitoshi
  18. Robbie Rotten

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