Assist Trophy Roles

The Guy say the lines like in the Commercial which it summons his backups (ex. Duck Hunt Dog, Smick, Lakitu and Bowser) which if you touch them you getted stunned (only Blocky Guy and Bowser).

There are some characters of thier own attacks

  • Duck Hunt Dog: He will chase at the fighter and attacks
  • Smick: It will electricity at the fights who touch it
  • Lakitu: Just the same like SSBB or SSB4 version
  • Bowser: Throws hammers

After in 18 seconds all the characters will say after when there gone "WE ARE NINTENDO, WE CHALLENGE ALL PLAYERS, YOU CANNOT BEAT US!" and disappeared.

Character Description

An Commercial of Nintendo Entertainment System that it founded on Australia (known as Australian Nintendo Commercial) that it look alike an blocky version but an poorly cgi which it make Australians will never play this game. The years were gone by an YouTuber named Ceilingcat uploaded an Australian Nintendo Commercial in 2007.

Television : Australian Nintendo Entertainment System Commercial 1987


  • Australian Nintendo Commercial is the first Assist Trophies in CD7. Lawl

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