Assist Trophy Actions

When he is summoned he will laugh repeatedly while the opponents are frozen still. This gives the opponent a chance to attack. If an opponent is in the air when he gets summoned, the opponent can kick him down, making him dissapear quickly

Special Moves (Team Reboot)

Neutral B - Laugh Cannon

BB will laugh if you press B rapidly. His laugh is like a projectile. If you hold down B long enough, BB will let out a great big laugh

Side B - Bumper Car


Up B - Hat-o-copter 

BB will fly 7 seconds due to his propeller cap. You can press A or B to cancel his move.

Down B - Inflat-o-Pumpi'n


Final Smash - Foxy

Balloon Boy will take the opponent to the FNAF2 office where he will laugh non-stop. After a while, Foxy will jumpscare the opponent and K.O. them

K.O. Sounds


KO2: FNAF 3 Scream

StarKO: *BB Laugh sped up repeatedly*

ScreenKO: Ha


Up: "Swings his bat menacingly"

Side: ''Stares stupidly''

Down: *Laughs*

Victory Options

Victory1: *Stands there and laughs repeatedly*

Victory2: *Bros Pose with Foxy*

Victory3: *Raises his arms*

Lose: *Sits and cries with a Foxy doll*

Other Attacks


Freddy's Head

Victory Theme

Toreador Ouverture

Kirby Hat

BB's hat, nose and cheeks



Snake Codec


Daily Buglin'


Colors and Costumes

  • Default (R)
  • Blue (JJ) (B)
  • Red shirt (Foxy)
  • Minigame colored BB
  • Black and White (Marionette)
  • Phantom BB
  • Nightmare BB