On Screen Enterence 

Bob is Excited

Bob jumps up and down to the battlefield 

Special Attacks 

Neutral B: Shopping Cart

Bob will place his hands on a shopping cart pretending to pull it. He will let go and it will oddly spin around. Opponents will get hit by the cart and the spinning will add extra damage. If an item is thrown in the cart, The item belongs to Bob (One item only)

Side B: Bob has the force 

Bob will reach his arm out and force pull an opponent. Unlike The Nerd's Power Glove, You can grab opponents far away from you (At least 12 miles). You can grab items and dissable traps with them to

Up B: Patio Glide

Bob will get in a patio and jump up in the air. Bob easily glides in air. But on ground, He can crash into opponents. The patio can be broken and its parts can be picked up and thrown

Down B: Bench 

Bob will set a bench. Opponents cant move if they're under the bench. Press Down B again to stomp on the bench and it will glitch out again and damage opponents. There is a chance the bench will Star K.O. an opponent


Bob sees a car come by, gets out its way, and the car runs over the opponents instantly them. Then the OWNED sign pops up on the screen

K.O. sounds 

All Silent


Up: *Holds out his arms while Pewdie's voice can be heard saying* I'M A PLANE!!

Side: *Bob lays down while Pewdie's voice can be heard saying* Notice me Senpai!

Down: *Break dances*

Victory Options

Victory1: *Flys off*

Victory2: (NAILED IT!)

Victory3: *Break dances*

Lose: (Still fabulous though) 

Other Attacks


Skate 3 logo

Victory Music 


Kirby Hat

Bob's hair, beard stubble and black eye 



Snake Codec


Daily Buglin'


Maxwell and Dexter's Guidance


Colors and Costumes


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