Difficulty Spike

We see a platform with spikes directly above Viridian will start the match, with a checkpoint below it. Viridian will fall in from above, get hit with the spikes, die, then respawn where the checkpoint is. The checkpoint, spikes and platform despawn and Viridian is ready to fight.

Special Moves

Neutral B - Checkpoint

Drops a checkpoint, an oval with a C in it attached to a stand. Once you're away from it, press B again to teleport directly to it. After being out for 15 seconds, or teleporting to it 3 times, it will dissapear, and you can't spawn another for 15 seconds.

Side B - Spike

Shoots a spike that moves quickly forward. A standard projectile, dealing minimal slash damage to anyone it hits, or just dissapearing after it goes a certain distance. It can also semi-spike in midair. 3 can be on screen at a time.

Up B - Gravity Flip

Viridian changes his gravity to head upwards for a short while. The speed he goes upward is roughly the same as his falling speed, so it a little slow. It does give great distance, although it can be highly predictable. No damage is dealt on this special. While getting his will give him knockback, he will still maintain his flipped gravity until the move should normally end otherwise. Viridian will not go into helplessness when this is done.

Down B - Dissapearing Platform

Spawns a platform underneath where he is. If he is on the ground, he will jump and then spawn one. After it gets stepped on three time, it'll dissapear, hence it's name. Just like Checkpoint, you will need to wait 15 seconds after it despawns in order to use it again.

Final Smash - TRANSFORM!

Viridian will summon all 5 of his crewmates. They all shout "TRANSFORM!" then fuse together, looking like a bigger version of Captain Viridian. You can move around, and jump infinitely, but you can't attack. To compensate, just ramming into opponents is enough to give them significant damage and knockback. This will go away after 7 seconds, leaving Viridian back into his normal self.

Normal Moves




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