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In Super Lawl Bros. Brawl:Omega & Alpha

Dr. Edgar George Zomboss (Or Dr. Zomboss for short) is the third boss in Super Lawl Bros. Brawl:Omega & Alpha. He appears after the player beats Crazy Dave's Backyard (Night).

Boss Cutscene

Purple Shep and Lily advance up to Crazy Dave's Roof but Dr. Zomboss's Zombot stomps in front of Purple Shep scaring him. Lily asks Purple Shep if he's Okay but the Zombot rampages on the roof and Zomboss challenges both of them to a battle.



Dr. Zomboss will summon a Zombie into battle by placing it down with his Zombot. Like in the Wither battle, the zombies must be defeated before attacking Zomboss.

Fire/Ice Ball

Dr. Zomboss's Zombot's eyes will turn either blue or orange and it will shoot a ball of fire or ice. You must put out/melt the ball right before it hits you. This attack is unavoidable and cannot be deflected but it can be shielded. To put out the fire ball, use a water or ice attack like Primarina's Sparkling Aria on it. And to melt the ice ball, use a fire attack like Incineroar's Fire Fang on it. The ball's element will vary by the colour of the Zombot's eyes. If they're blue, it's ice and if they're orange, it's fire. If you get hit by the fire ball, it will do fire damage and the ice one freezes you.


Dr. Zomboss's Zombot will throw a caravan at the player. This attack can break shields easily.

Zombot Stomp

Dr. Zomboss's Zombot will stomp on the player. This attack can also break shields easily.


  • Shield his attacks wisely because they are very strong.
  • He will use 5 normal zombies and once he has summoned 48, he will start to use Gargantuars.

End Of Boss Cutscene

Dr. Zomboss's Zombot explodes and falls apart and Zomboss himself then surrenders as Purple Shep and Lily jump off the roof to the pool.

Character Description

Dr. Edgar George Zomboss is the leader of the zombies and he is battled in 5-10 Plants Vs. Zombies. He uses an entire army of zombies to aid him in his battle. In Plants Vs. Zombies 2, he is battle in the last level of every stage. In Plants Vs. Zombies:Garden Warfare, he's on the Zombies side and he tells the zombies to capture a base.

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