Elite warrior battle royale poster by wagebabo12-d8xdwpc

Elite Warrior Battle Royale is a reload project of a fighting game, inspired by Super ARC Bros Brawl.


Era of Elites 1

Midway Point 1

Era of Elites 2

Midway Point 2

Era of Elite 3

Midway Point 3

Starmiversary (Elite of Era 4)

The Seventh Finale (Era of Elites 5)

DLC Pack

Opening Theme

  • Days Are Forgotten by Kasabian (Megaman Volnutt to Tekkaman Blade)
  • Now or Never by Outasight (Assist Trophies Round 1 to Asura)
  • Irresistible by Fall Out Boy (Yoshikage Kira to Fawful)
  • Rise Today by Alter Bridge (Beth to Yuesi)
  • Ft. by Funkist; Cover by Unknown Songbird (Twisted Fate to Agito90)