On Screen Enterance

Starting the day

Frankie walks to the battlefield carrying books, puts them away and starts the fight


Neutral B: Student Disembodied President 

Frankie will pull out a board of an action she dosn't like. When it's done NEAR an opponent it works on them. But when she does it far away, all opponents have no moves that frankie put up. Frankie just put up a board to cancel her opponent's moves. It's like Scanty & Kneesocks' RURU'S but she can't put "Up B" on the board. She can cancel out B, Side B and Down B moves. If an opponent destroys the board they will get electrocuted but they get their moves back. You have to wait 5 seconds to put up another board

Side B: Joltin'

Frankie will charge electricity and shock the opponent. If you charge it long enough her damage goes down. If Frankie has 50% damage she will summon a black raincloud and paralyze the opponents with lightning 

Up B: Oops not again

Frankie's hand will pop off on a thread and grab a ledge. You can also grab items with it to. If done on the ground, Frankie will let her hand crawl and grab opponents

Down B: Home Ick

Frankie will make a Ginger-Bread man. He will wander around the stage biting opponents. After 5 hits, he crumbles. Debris are edible

FINAL SMASH: Frankie's Joltin' Juice

Frankie will make juice and electrocute one of them. If the opponent drinks the normal one they are healed. But if the opponent drinks the electric one, they are K.O.ed. If all the drinks are not gone in 8 seconds, They explode causing opponents instant death. The explosion heals Frankie

K.O. Sounds

KO1: Oh my Ghoul


StarKO: *Screams*

ScreenKO: no


Up: *Thumbs Up*

Side: *Shrugs*

Down: *Hands on knees*

Victory Options 


Victory2: *Smiles at the camera*

Victory3: *Poses and Singing*

Lose: *Crying*

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

AAA Combo- Stich Slap (Slaps Two Times)

Dash Attack- Flip Kick

Tilt Attacks

Side- Hoodude Doll

Up- Cheerleading

Down- ZAP!


Side- Electric Punch

Up- Mimics Frollo's up smash but with lightning 

Down- Splits


N-Air - ???

F-Air - ???

B-Air - ???


D-Air - Lightning Flurry

Grabs, Throws

Grab- Her hand gets loose on a thread and grabs an opponent (Like Shiek's or Link's grab)

Pummel- Slap

Forward- Twirls her hand around with the opponent and throws forward

Back- Back flips and lets go

Up- Statics the opponent and pops her head off and gets put back on

Down- Shocks the opponent downward 


Ledge attack: ???

100% ledge attack: ???

Front attack: ???

Back attack: ???

Trip attack: ???


Victory Theme

We are Monster High

Kirby Hat

Frankie's Hair, Bolts and a stitch on his cheek



Snake Codec

Snake: Colonel. Who's this girl with the stitches?

Colonel: That's Frankie Stein, Snake. She first started Monster High at 15...days old

Snake: Days Old?

Colonel: That's because she's a Frankenstein's Monster. Anyways, let me tell you about her Moveset, She can disable your special moves by saying she doesn't like them on a board

Snake: So....She disables my moves I worked so hard on?

  • Otacon takes place*

Otacon: Oh wait....Here's the best part....She can zap you with her electricity. If you get hit with her thundercloud, You can kiss your but goodbye 

Snake: Say....Does she get along with Cleo?

Otacon: Well.....they used to be rivals...but they finally got back together...but sometimes they're still at it. Seems that they are always competing after something. Huge Crushes, Kart racing, Sports you name it

Daily Buglin'


Maxwell and Dexter Guidance  


Maxwell: Calm down, Hamtaro. That's just Frankie Stein

Hamtaro: Don't let her rip me apart. I'm to cute to die!!

Maxwell: She won't rip you apart, But she can electrocute you. So watch out for her jolts

Dexter: And don't let her stop you from throwing your seeds at her

Hamtaro: Why?

Dexter: Because she will put it up on a board to cancel it out  

Hamtaro: This opponent is gonna be hard. Do I have a chance?

Maxwell: Oh wait...I have an idea. Use your little Hamster claws, and her stitches might come loose....But her hand may still be active and can grab you

Hamtaro: Ugh. I hope i'll win this

Colors and Costumes 

  • Default Blue Dress (B)
  • Red Dress (R)
  • Green dress (G)
  • Purple Dress
  • Pink Dress
  • Yellow Dress
  • White Dress 
  • Monochrome Frankie 
  • Dark Frankie Stein (13 Wishes)
  • Ghouls Rule Outfit
  • Voltageous (Super Hero Outfit)


Smash Bros

Smash Bros. Lawl Toon Moveset Frankie Stein