All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Garfield

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Garfield


Battle Enterance

Television Portal

Garfield zaps through a TV onto his fighting stance


Neutral B: Pie

Garfield will get out a Pie he will have a choice to eat it by pressing A Or pressing B to throw it You will have to wait 5 seconds to use another pie

Side B: Newspaper

Garfield will smack the opponents flat with a newspaper but their is a cooldown afterward

Up B: Up a Tree

Garfield will climb up a floating tree when he gets up top he will kick it down. A PURRfect meteor smash

Down B: Scratching Post

Garfield will jump and do a scratching combo. If he misses the opponent he will create a shockwave with his claws

FINAL SMASH: Comedy Robot

Garfield will run off screen and Jon's Comedy Robot will appear on the battlefield and he has a TOTALLY different moveset

B- Spring Pie Ejection!

Side B- Steaming Seltzer Cool!

Up B- Rocket Boost Pack!

Down B- Breakdancer!

When he Blows Up its an instant K.O. it won't affect Garfield's stock if you jump off the stage as the Robot

K.O. Sounds

KO1: Urgh!

KO2: Du-Ah!

StarKO: *screams*

ScreenKO: Ouch!


Up: *Make a Silly Face*

Side: *thumbs up*

Down: I hate Mondays

Victory Options

Victory1: You Lose Fella!

Victory2: I'd Like to say a few things about there begin too much violence on cartoon shows

Victory3: *Tap Dances*

Victory4: (Against Odie) *Kicks him out of the way*

Victory 5: (With Odie) *Odie starts to topple him and Garfield Laughs*

Lose: *Shocked*

Pros and Cons


  • His speed is the same as Mario's
  • He is almost the same height as Pikachu
  • The Comedy Robot doesn't affect Garfield's stocks if it K.O.s itself 
  • His strength is like Little Mac's


  • While he's fast as Mario, His Jumps are like Wario's
  • His ledge attack has little ridiculous damage
  • His pie can be easily dodged

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

AAA Combo- Paw Swipes

Dash Attack-

Tilt Attacks

Side- Famous Kick

Up- ???

Down- ???


Side- Smacks down a big stick. The stick breaks and can hit an opponent too

Up- ???

Down- ???


N-Air - ???

F-Air - ???

B-Air - ???

U-Air - ???

D-Air - ???

Grabs, Throws

Grab- ???

Pummel- ???

Forward- ???

Back- ???

Up- ???

Down- Stomp down


Ledge attack: Tail Swipe

100% ledge attack: ???

Front attack: ???

Back attack: ???

Trip attack: ???

Paws logo

Victory Theme

Garfield Show Credits

Kirby Hat

Garfield's Ears and Whiskers 


Garfield Trophy

Garfield (Comic Series)

:Garfield and Friends

Snake Codec

Colonel: Snake. You know this cat?

Snake: Yeah...It's Garfield

Colonel: Garfield made his first appearence in 1978...and since then he became a worlwide phenomenon. There's not a single person who dosn't know Garfield...He's THAT famous.

Snake: Good thing I survived long enough to meet him on the field of battle

Colonel: This is once in a life-time chance get out there and show him what you're made of...just watch out for his pies

Snake:....Back to the mission for me. 

Daily Buglin'


Maxwell and Dexter's Guidance



  • He is the first Lawl Toon Character

Colors and Costumes

  • Default
  • Red fur (R)
  • Blue fur (Unnamed villain in Garfield Lasagna World Tour) (B)
  • Green fur (G)
  • Yellow fur (Odie)
  • Grey fur (Nermal)
  • White fur
  • Black fur
  • Toy/Prettied up Garfield (Purple eyelids, red nail polish and cheeks)



Smash Bros

Smash Bros. Lawl Toon Moveset Garfield