Gofer Sisters
Go Sis by Fel



Appears in

Super Lawl



Fought by

John (inside Vic Viper) and others

Role in SSE

These two troublemaker sisters, Munin (L.B. Gofer) and Hugin (R.B. Gofer) are the main bosses in The Galaxy Wars stage, Space. These sisters where actually the phantom of Gofer, that is the reason why El Emmisario send both of them to destroy John, by piloting Odin Core. While the sisters didn't have their own attacks, Odin Core can attack the heroes. Once defeated, Odin Core explodes, killing both the sisters at the same time.

  • It fires a cluster of bullets that expand in different directions.
  • It will then expand its wings and shoot slow moving pink lasers. The core then fires blue energy balls at you. The pink lasers have gaps in them to enable to help avoid the energy balls.
  • It fires four large green lasers (which will form three gaps). It then fires two lasers per gap which will rebound on the larger lasers. The lasers rebound in different ways depending on the gap. It then skews the direction of the rebounds by tilting its direction slightly downward then upward.
  • It expands itself and spins towards the left and back to the right. The player must avoid this by timing when the wings are not blocking the way, which require timing. The character automatically dies if she/he is swiped with Odin Core's wings. It then settles itself on the left side of the screen.
  • While on the left side of the screen, it will fire orange beams that first fire straight then home in to your direction. After some time, it starts shooting at a faster rate.


HP ValuesVery EasyEasyNormalHardVery HardIntense
Space 440 500 568 622 670 700


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