Samus Tease

At first it looks like Samus is on the battlefield, but then Miku comes out as the armor shatters around her.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Singing Sensation

Miku does the one thing she does the best aside from playing with a leek: singing. As she sings, she is surrounded by an elliptical music staff with notes flying from it as she sings, and anyone who is within the distance of half a Stage Builder block gets stunned, becoming human shields until Miku ends her song. Press B while a note flies, and you can extend the range and power. She has an array of different tunes like Etemon with his Song Crush, and each little diddy does something different as well as have a different length of time they go on for. Here are the 3 songs Miku sings in this move:

  • World is Mine - The rhythm of the part she sings in this song will do 27 hits in total to an opponent. This song is also able to heal your teammates.
  • PoPiPo - This goes at a fast tempo and does 33 hits in total. While singing this song, you can move Miku around to crash into opponents as she's imitating an airplane.
  • Triple Baka - A 35-hit song. The lower the character's intellect ranks, the more damage this tune will deal on every note.

In the air, Miku can somehow sing so that she glides down safely. Also, the elliptical music staff can deflect weak-to-moderately strong projectiles. But it can't save the walking synthesizer from physical pain.

Side B - Program Edit

Miku presses a few buttons on her sleeve of computer functions, then she manages to alter her speed for 5 seconds. She's now thrice as fast and she can hit opponents with her twintails, which have the impact of Captain Falcon's elbow, only weaker in impact given their faster delivery. If you timely use your twintails, you'll be able to counter close-range attacks. Of course Miku's about as stable as a flea on seltzer water, and the startup can leave you open for a wallop.

Up B - Mikurio

Miku appears suddenly dressed as Mario, mustache and all, and jumps on a sudden group of enemies that appears (exactly 3 Bullet Bills, 3 Paratroopas, and 3 Cheep Cheeps). The enemies are also able to harm the competition in various ways if they aren't jumped on. Cheep Cheeps harm opponents in a standard closes quarters blow, but Bullet Bills self-destruct when they hit the ground (depending on how high up they are at least) and you can use the shells of fallen Paratroopas like in the original Smash Bros. As Mikurio, you can also shoot fireballs that act the same as Mario's standard fireballs, but they can hit an enemy you were about to jump on, cutting this recovery short.

Down B - Illusion

Miku seemingly has nothing happen for a few seconds, but the moment you hit Miku, it turns out it was an illusive Miku, leading to a living sillhouette groping the attacker by the ankles. This Miku can't be hit, and remains latching on to an opponent for 15 seconds. During the 15 seconds, Miku will properly appear somewhere and land a brief blow on the opponent caught, resulting in the false Miku releasing the opponent. The false Miku can be pulled from an opponent via telekinesis or anti-trap troll-lord-y goodness, so be cautious.

Final Smash - Vocawars

Miku gets out two leeks and they generate lightsaber blades with extra katana detail added. Now, Miku is able to use these in the general dual-bladed fashion of swordplay. However, every frame she swings the blades allows her to deflect projectiles that aren't legit solid as well as split others in half. Press B to trap the opponent in a disk, allowing you to land a free blow or two. You can also use these disks to help teammates to safety. Hold B to generate a shield, which can be destroyed after taking 100% in total, but it regains power in time. Now, Miku isn't invincible during this 20-second phase, so don't go throwing caution to the wind. Also, if you get to 0 HP in stamina matches, Miku stabs herself, resulting in her dashing forth to insta-KO an opponent, although this does no knockback, really. Although it can disable any special effect equipped besides invincibility.

Special Attacks in Rebuuted

Neutral B-Dance Flash

Miku does a dance move and summons a colour image of her that works as a projectile,depending on the colour the effect will be diffrent

Side B-VocaloidSongZone

Miku does a Dance Move,wich summons a "cage" of Energy Waves of music,it forces the opponent to dance to a specific Vocaloid song or at least remix,but thats not it,if Miku Stands near the "cage" and do Side B again and Miku Wil bring the song into reality

-The world is mine will take control over opponents for a while.

-Simple and Clean Remix By Zenpaku Miku Will grab a Keyblade from nowhere and slash and shoot opponent many times before finnishing it

-Levan Polkka while force opponent to become a Chibi and dance with a stick or something


These Songs

UP B-Voices Tilt Up Remix


Down B-Pantsu

miku shows her panties and that gives male opponents boner effect for 19 seconds


Based off vocaloid panties song and many artworks of miku and her under wear

Final Smash-Supreme Dance Off



based of an VR 360 video song


KOSFX1: "-ooo!~"

KOSFX2: "Eeya!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Ehh!"


Up: *laughs*

Sd: *flips the bird with some pizazz*

Dn: "How are you?"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *giggles* "Yata!"

2. Third Alice

3. Caramelldansen

Failure/Clap: In a box

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


Exit Quote

rip in popipo miku-chan

never mikumikuforget


Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme

Hatsune Miku - World is Mine





Lawl Food

Leek Juice


  • The entrance is based off a cosmetic Brawl mod for Zero Suit Samus.

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