Homestar Run Go

Homestar runs to the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special - Frank Bennedetto

Homestar calls for Frank to shoot popcorn for a few, then stop for another few. Homestar and his allies are able to carry and throw him around. A strong attack decommisions the soldier, benching him for 10 seconds. There can be only one at a time, of course.

Side Special - Mountain Dew

Homestar pours a bottle of Mountain Dew/MLG Dew out. Of course it can be a slip trap, but it can also disable traps temporarily and have opponents be sluggish with immense lag in attacks. Dew can also be applied in the air for downward projectiles. You can serve Dew twice at a time, or you can hold B to use both your servings, increasing the effects explained. You'll get back your soda in 15 seconds.

Up Special - Make-Plastic Goldfish

Homestar tends to his dream job with this horizontal recovery that knocks away opponents in front. Press B to paint the clouds with your oversized novelty toothbrush. The clouds snag opponents and deal damage to them. Press A to drop off the fish, or jump off the fish for vertical help. Don't hit the walls while on the fishy.

Down Special - Bread Singalongs

Homestar gets out some bread for his sing-along. You can move around while he's singing, and he has super armor. After the random bit of song, he stays still, allowing you to do one of two things. You can throw the bread to do some breaddy damage (press A), or eat the bread to recover some breaddy health (press B). You can share bread with teammates. Wait 30 seconds for your next singalong.

Final Smash - Pom Pom, Too

Homestar calls for Pom Pom who follows Homestar around for 15 seconds. Anyone who's in front of him gets a whoopin'. If everyone's been KO'd, Pom Pom leaves.


KOSFX1: "Oh cwap!"

KOSFX2: "Woaaaah!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*


Up: *dances* "Butt dance, butt dance."

Sd: "Evewybody woves the me. I'm a tewiffic athlete"

Dn: "Sewiously!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "Homestar Runner's team wins!"

2. "Evewybody...GO!" *marches*

3. (if Pom Pom gets his last KO) "All right, seriously, Pom Pom. Gimme the golbol!" *Pom Pom bubbles* "Yeah, that's great. But I still won. I sportsmanliked everybody! Now gimme the golbol!" *Pom Pom bubbles*

4. (vs. Strong Bad) "Well, well, Strong Bad. Looks like you finally got a taste of your own medicine. A taste of your own potion. A taste of your own elixir! A taste of your own—" *gets beaned by a toy thrown by The Cheat*

Failure/Clap: The good times are over

Failure/Clap: (If Strong Bad wins) (HS has something in his mouth and muffled) "Well, Sowong Suckews!"

Strong Bad: "Even if we win, He wins..."

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme

Old Homestar Runner Theme


Free Country, USA - Field


Mountain Dew




Smash Bros Lawl Beatdown Character Moveset- Homestar Runner07:47

Smash Bros Lawl Beatdown Character Moveset- Homestar Runner

"Here my moveset is at!"

Smash Bros Lawl Beatdown Supplement- Homestar Lose Pose00:10

Smash Bros Lawl Beatdown Supplement- Homestar Lose Pose

Homestar's lose pose

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