Interdimensional Portal

Jenny falls onto the battlefield via portal from the hovercraft stand Vexus used in Escape from Cluster Prime.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Laser Rifle

Jenny gets out one of the rifles she has in her arms and gets into an aiming stance. You can tilt the analog stick up and down to angle her shot and shoot with B. As expected, this is able to be charged up for a more effective hit, and let's not forget the knockback it can do. You can press A to exit the aiming stance she's in. She'll manage to hold a charged shot like Samus. In the air, Jenn shoots regular blasts diagonally down.

Side B - Hardball

Jenny grabs a ball and throws it hard at the opponent. If the ball were to return to her upon rebound, she automatically catches it and throws it again in a different way. She can catch it up to 5 times before others can grab it themselves. The more she catches and auto-throws, the harder it hits you, and it ricochets at a different angle, so you really have to be lucky, although this does mean you can hit multiple opponents in one throw. And Jenny can only catch the ball while she stands on the ground. Not to mention that ANY attack can deflect it unless those attacks affect projectiles.

Up B - Head Thrusters

Jenny uses her "hair" to fly around for a basic flying recovery. This controls like how it would if Pit or Charizard got into their gliding modes, only there's no slowing down or speeding up for Jenn. During flight, you can also have her shoot energy blasts from her "hair" that do as much as the standard shots from her laser rifle. You can also tap the analog stick in any direction so that Jenny can use her drill hair. The flight mainly lasts a good 15 seconds.

Down B - This Time, with Feeling

Jenny puts on her nerve sensors. Anything she makes direct contact with will cause her to laugh, which manages to leave her taking half as much damage against attacks. This part manages to have backfire since when she attacks opponents herself, there comes the afterlag that is her laughing. If she's attacked from behind during this, she'll have her giggles switched off, which can cause her to take 50% more damage from opposing attacks than normal. Luckily, you're able to remove them, although you can't put them back on until 10 seconds pass, and they can only be used thrice per stock before being locked on the pain setting. Luckily, a teammate can hit you while you're in pain mode to switch you back to tickle.

Final Smash - A Lot More Firepower

Jenny says that she needs a lot more firepower and gets out six big laser cannons. Now you enter this phase where you can fly around freely as well as angle your cannons with the shoulder buttons. Single laser fire is done by pressing A, which can result in a long period of being stunned. Oh, and you can hold the beam, although it will need to cool down. However, after the cooldown ends, the opponent is sent flying. Press B and Jenny will use all her lasers to shoot one big one, obviously doing extra damage and knockback to the competition, although this does end the final smash early for her. Aside from that, the FS lasts you 20 seconds.



KOSFX2: "But--"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Ow..."


Up: "You're no match for my weapons system!"

Sd: "I'm just like everyone else: I wake up, I oil my gears, I go to school."

Dn: "My name is Jenny."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "I can't wait for the rest of the year!"

2. *touches a hidden nerve sensor and laughs from the tickling*

3. "Time for some extreme, robotic...goofing off!"

Failure/Clap: Work, work, work!

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps

  • Global Response Unit
  • Mezmer Street Spanker (based on Mitzi from the Monkey Rag video by Joanna Davidovich)
  • PuffyXJYumi (based on Ami Onuki because voice actress)
  • Prototype Neighbor (based on her appearance in the pilot My Neighbor was a Teenage Robot)
  • Everlasting Peace (based on Rokko-Chan)
  • Beyond the Cluster (based on Circe from Generator Rex (because shipping))
  • I0LOVE0JENNY0WAKEMAN (based on both Stocking and Amy Rose since Jenny was originally planned for Lawl Ultimate (also, Stocking Rose was clearly ILAR))
  • Raggedy Android (based on Jenny's exo-skin)
  • Jen Mech Fight (based on the standard and alternative colors for Sukapon)
  • Tremorton Resemble (based on Solty Revant)
Jenny wakeman pawlette swaps

Victory Theme

My Life as a Teenage Robot Theme Song


Cluster Prime - Vexus' Palace


Instruction Booklet

Lawl Food

Oil Shake


  • Given fanmade seasons 4 and 5, it's likely that this may not be all set in stone.

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