Lagoona rides her surfboard onto the Battlefield


Neutral B - Water Gun

Lagoona will shoot water out of her hands. Unlike Mario's F.L.U.D.D. and Squirtle's Water Gun, Lagoona shoots water in a straight line and it is much faster. If someone uses a freezing move (Or a Freezie item), The water turns to an ice battering item that only Lagoona can use

Move Origin 

Monster High Battles - Part 2 (Catrine Version)

Side B - Octopus Pillow

Lagoona will toss an Octopus pillow. If it lands in an opponent's hands, They can pass it around like Hot Potato. After 15 seconds, The pillow will come alive and grab an opponent's face with its tentacles. It will stay on the opponent's face until 5 seconds pass

Up B - Wave

Unlike Yuuki Ogata's Up B, Lagoona will ride up with a surfboard. Lagoona can spin the surfboard after the wave is over

Down B - Froggies

Lagoona calls in her favorite amphibians. They will be right beside Lagoona. Press B to make the frog hop. Press Side B to let out its tongue. The tongue can grab projectiles and traps. The frog will vanish if Lagoona is not doing anything

Final Smash - Queen of the Waves

Lagoona will see a wave coming. She gets out her surfboard and tidle waves all unexpecting opponents. Opponents get covered in seaweed and lobsters that will stay on them for 10 seconds or until they're K.O.ed

KO Sounds



StarKOSFX: *Cries Loudly*

ScreenKOSFX: Nope!


Up: What's troublin' 'ya, Love 

Side: G'day!

Down: *Uses fountain water hands like Greninja* 

Victory Options

Victory 1: *Crosses her Arms*

Victory 2: *Enters Day Dream Face*

Victory 3: *In her Hydration Station, Meditating*

Victory 4: (With Ed) *Lagoona is lying on a Tombstone and Ed says* I like the way Lagoona is Sitting!

Lose: *Holds her arm out with a sad face*

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

AAA Combo- Fin swipes two times then a rapid fin punching and a final kick

Dash Attack- Fin-Tastic

Tilt Attacks

Side- ???

Up- ???

Down- ???


Side- ???

Up- Swimming in air

Down- ???


N-Air - Bubble Shield 

F-Air - ???

B-Air - ???

U-Air - ???

D-Air - ???

Grabs, Throws

Grab- ???

Pummel- ???

Forward- ???

Back- ???

Up- ???

Down- ???


Ledge attack: ???

100% ledge attack: ???

Front attack: ???

Back attack: ???

Trip attack: ???

Waiting Animations

  1. Falls in love pose
  2. Moisturizes herself a little

Character Description



Victory Theme

We are Monster High

Snake Codec


Daily Buglin'


Maxwell and Dexter's Guidance



  • Default (B)
  • Pink (R)
  • Green (Creature of the Black Lagoon) (G)
  • Purple
  • Yellow/White/Brown (Spongebob)
  • Shadow Lagoona
  • Reboot look (Welcome to Monster High) 
  • Undyne


  • Like Peach, She can float in midair after jumps. But she swims in the air