Does Sonic's entrance even have a name? (L-NEO)

Just like Sonic, he rolls in via spindash, then does a pose, before getting into fighting stance.

Tube (The New Generation)

A tube will appear, and Metal Sonic will come out.

Special Moves (L-NEO)

Neutral B - Laser Blast

Shoots a far-reaching stream of energy from the hole in his chassis. This move can be charged, with it being 3/4 the length of Final Destination at full charge, but only 1/4 when minimally charged. The damage/knockback dealt will also differ.

Side B - V. Maximum Overdrive Attack

Metal Sonic will overload his circuitry and boost forward a short distance very quickly, while dealing burn damage to anyone in his way, this can also negate half of any projectile's damage and all of it's knockback.

Up B - Rocket Boost

Shoots up into the air, using rockets on hit feet. He is able to veer left and right a little bit. If he hits somebody, they'll be caught in the attack, getting multiple hits dealt until the final blow and the of the move. This will make Metal Sonic helpless in midair.

Down B - Copycat

Metal Sonic will try and analyze an opponent, and if anyone is immediately in front of him, he will copy their Down B attack, unlike other copy moves that replicate their Neutral B. See full list of abilities here.

Final Smash - Metal Overlord

Metal Sonic will upgrade and take on the Metal Overlord form, a large, metallic dragon that shows up in the background. Press A will aim and then try to fire a rapid barrage of crystal pillars in that direction. Press B will remove his spikes then launch them as homing missiles to everyone on stage. After about 10 seconds, Metal Overlord will downgrade back to Metal Sonic.

Special Moves (The New Generation)

Neutral B - Metal Charge

Metal Sonic will use his his hand like a rocket and punch the opponent causing 5% damage, unless blocked.

Side B - Chaos Blast

Metal Sonic will start by saying "Chaos", allowing you to charge the move, and then say "Blast!" blasting the opponent off the stage. The greater the charge, the more the damage.

Up B - Metal Flight

Metal Sonic will use his rockets to fly up to the stage. If the opponent is hit, it will cause 3% damage.

Down B - ???

Final Smash - Giant Form

Metal Sonic will change into his giant mode from Sonic Heroes and blast a blue laser from his mouth, causing an instant KO.

Normal Moves




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