Battle Enterance

Blink In

Rarity Blinks in the Battlefield with her magic


Neutral B: Gems

Rarity will summon 3 gems and they will float around her. Press B to shoot a gem. If Rarity gets hit, all her gems fall. 

Side B: Magic Dress

Rarity will shoot magic, and a dress will appear. The opponent will get distracted trying to pull it off, If that happens you can freely attack them. The dress will vanish after the opponent gets beat to much or if they finally tear it off. You will have to wait 5 seconds to make another dress. (This move doesn't work on Female opponents)

Up B: Magic Wings 

Rarity will get out her wings and fly upward. Press B and use the control stick to swoop up or down 

Down B: Wet Mane

Rarity will get her mane wet and will trigger male opponents horniness. You will have to wait 10 seconds to do it again


Rarity gets cake splattered on her, Gets angry, and shouts her line. She then shakes off the cake bits the opponents will take damage from the bits or get blown away by Rarity's head shaking

K.O. Sounds



StarKO: *Screams*

ScreenKO: Noo


Up: *Giggles*

Side: Aw Pffffft

Down: *Squee*

Victory Options

Victory1: *Flys with her wings as she uses a cheerful laugh*

Victory2: *Spike gives Rarity a heart diamond and she smiles*

Victory3: *Looks pretty in a tiara*


Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

AAA Combo- Smack 2 times

Dash Attack- Horn lunge

Tilt Attacks

Side- Buck

Up- Horn stab

Down- Shin punch


Side- ???

Up- Kick Upward

Down- Gems circle


N-Air - Spin

F-Air - ???

B-Air - Faint

U-Air - Upward kick

D-Air - ???

Grabs, Throws

Grab- Grabs with magic

Pummel- Horn stab

Forward- Throws opponent forward and shoots magic 

Back- Throws opponent back and shoots magic

Up- ???

Down- ???


Ledge attack: ???

100% ledge attack: ???

Front attack: ???

Back attack: ???

Trip attack: ???

MLP G3 Logo

Victory Theme

Friendship is Magic theme

Kirby Hat

Rarity's Horn and Hair



Snake Codec

Snake: What's going on here? This Unicorn is throwing gems around like it was nothing

Colonel: Ah. I see your fighting Rarity. She is part of the Mane Six

Snake: Tell me what you know about Rarity

Colonel: She makes dresses at the Carousel Boutique. And she loves gems

Snake: Who's that creepy lizard following her?

Colonel: That's Spike, Snake. He is Twilight Sparkle's assistant. But he has a Huge crush on Rarity

Snake: So...a Dragon and a Unicorn in love with each other? This is making my head hurt

Colonel: Since she can make dresses, She will use magic to put you in one. One that dress is on you it'll stick to you for quite a while

Snake: Ugh. That's a scary thought 

Colonel: Dahling, Theres nothing to be afraid of

Daily Buglin'


Maxwell and Dexter's Guidance


Colors and Costumes



Smash Bros02:16

Smash Bros. Lawl Toon Moveset Rarity

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