Piece Assemble

Robo assembles from piece by piece as his parts drop from the sky.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Rocket Fist

Robo launches his right arm who travels a long distance. It's a homing projectile that does good damage and knockback even if blocked. If the player holds the button for a long period of time, he launches two arms.

  1. Big Rocket Fist: Robo launches a bigger fist, which is stronger, and faster, but with short distance.
  2. Multi-FIst: Robo launches only a straight forward, slower fist with multiple hits and with infinite distance.

Side B - Spinning Robot

Robo leaps forwards and spins around, hitting multiple times. If Side B is pressed again, he does a jumping forward kick.

  1. Thunder Robot: Same as Spinning Robot, but with electric damage, and shorter distance. If side B is pressed again, he does a electric leaping uppercut.
  2. Fire Robot: Robo just crouches and spins with his leg with fire effect and longer distance. If side B is pressed again, he peforms a flaming back kick.

Up B - Rocket Blast

Robo rockets upwards from his foots, if the opponent is in contact with his headbutt, it will do explosive damage. It can be charged up for more reach, but if you hold the button long enough, he will explode himself in smoke, gaining damage to himself.

  1. Rocket Spin: Robo rockets upwards with his foots while spins with no horizontal recovery, dealing multiple damage. This move cannot be charged.
  1. Rocket Lock: Same as Rocket Blast, but it will lock on the opponent, but with no explosive damage. Like his 2nd custom Up B, it cannot be charged.

Down B - Boulder Throw

Robo picks a boulder from the floor, during the move, he can move left and right, and can jump, but he's vunerable to attacks. Pressing B will throw the boulder that splits apart into pieces in 4 directions.

  1. Boulder Spin: Robo picks up a boulder and starts spins. Pressing B will throw the boulder, but does not split apart if the opponent is in contact, it will just explode. If not pressing, then he will continue to spin until he gets dizzy, and damages himself.
  1. Boulder Fist: Robo picks up the boulder and throws upwards, then punches the boulder upwards that splites into 4 rocks, the pieces flies further, and deals more damage, but with extra end lag. This custom move is very similar to one of Guts Man's moves in Mega Man: The Power Battle and The Power Fighters.

Final Smash - Ultimate Robo

Robo extends his limbs and junk pieces flies at him, and fuse himself with junk pieces, turning into Ultimate Robo and gaining immense strength. While in this form, he's invulnerable to knockback, but can still receive hitstun and damage, which may leave Robo severely weakened and open to KOs after the Final Smash. The transformation lasts about 10 seconds. He gains no new abilities while as Ultimate Robo, though his existing abilities become more powerful, and most gain elemental side effects.

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Robot Combo 2%, then 3%. Robo does a left jab, then a straight kick
Side Tilt Straight Punch 12% As the name suggests, he does a rushing straight forward fist.
Up Tilt Wind God Fist 9% Robo does a right-hand uppercut with electric effect. Best for juggling.
Down Tilt Sweep Kick 13% Robo peforms a very slow sweep kick
Dash Attack Robotic Slider 9% Robo peforms a slide kick. Has 30% of tripping the opponent.
Side Smash Headbutt 15% Robo does a powerful flaming headbutt attack.
Up Smash Robo Uppercut 22.8% Robo does a left-hand flaming uppercut.
Down Smash Robo Blast 19.5% Robo blasts to the floor with his buster. Causing an explosion.
N-Air Spinning Body 2.2% per hit Robo spins around his body.
F-Air Sex Kick 12% Robo does a leaping sidekick.
B-Air Back Kick 9% Robo turns around and does a back kick.
U-Air Somersault Kick 22% Robo peforms a flipkick that freezes the opponent.
D-Air Ground Pound 28% Robo peforms a ground pound attack. It can meteor smashes the opponent.
Grab -- Grabs with one hand
Pummel Robo Headbutt 8% Does an explosive headbutt.
F-Throw Light Robo Kick 15% Robo peforms a straight forward kick.
B-Throw Spinning Throw 21% Robo spins around and throws backwards. It has high KO percentace power.
U-Throw Medium Robo Kick 16% Robo throws upwards, then peforms a diagonall high kick.
D-Throw Wrecking Fist 8% per fist Robo throws downwards and punches into the floor 3 times.
Edge Attack (fast) Clock Attack 14% Robo rolls and launches his clock at the opponent, then it retracts back to him. It also causes the opponent to get launched in the air.
Edge Attack (slow) Flash Stop N/A Robo waves his arms as the flash surrounds his body, stunning opponent when they are close to him.
Floor Attack (front)
Floor Attack (back)
Floor Attack (Trip
Neutral B Rocket Fist 14% Robo launches his right arm that homes on the opponent. Unfortunately, he can't charge up the attack.
Side B Spinning Robot 8.3% per hit Robo leaps forwards and spins around, hitting multiple times with electric effect. If Side B is pressed again, he does a leaping headbutt.
Up B Rocket Blast 26% Robo rockets upwards from his butt, if the opponent is in contact with his headbut, it will do more explosive damage. But he cannot charge up.
Down B Rock Wave 18% Robo punches into the floor, sending Rocks from left and right to damage opponents. The rocks itself can be destroyed.





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Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1:

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Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

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Character Description

Robo is one of the main character that was created by his best friend John in 2004, he and his creator goes in their adventures, fighting enemies and shit. He was built with a clock in this chest, with this, he can stop time and do a lot a punching combos to enemies.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Left jab, right jab and a straight kick.
  • Dash Attack- Robotic Slider

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Straight punch
  • Up- Wind God Fist
  • Down- Crounching punch


  • Side- Drill Punch: Robo transforms his right arm into a drill and rockets to his opponent.
  • Up- Shoryuken
  • Down- Sweep Kick


  • N-Air - Spins around his body
  • F-Air - Sex Kick
  • B-Air - Back Kick
  • U-Air - Somersault Kick
  • D-Air - Drill Kick

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Grabs with one hand
  • Pummel- Headbutts his opponent
  • Forward- Light Robo Kick: Robo peforms a straight forward kick
  • Back- Spins around and throws backwards
  • Up- Medium Robo Kick: Robo throws his opponent upwards, then peforms a diagonally upward kick.
  • Down- Throws downwards, then punches into floor 3 times.


  • Ledge attack: Clock Attack: Robo rolls and launches his clock at the opponent, then it retracts back to him.
  • 100% ledge attack: Flash Stop: Robo waves his arms as the flash surrounds his body, stunning opponent when they are close to him.
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

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