Smash Bros Lawl Diamond is a Lawl spinoff by the user Agentluke0322.

Characters (Confirmed)

Planned Era:

  • Purple Shep (ExplodingTNT)
  • Pink Sheep (ExplodingTNT)
  • Tepro (OC)
  • Plasma Grunt Tepro (OC) μ
  • Ashachu (Pokemon Anime)
  • Glitter Lucky (Glitter Force)
  • Glitter Heart (Glitter Force) ε
  • Ponyo (Studio Ghibli/Ponyo)
  • Haru (Studio Ghibli/The Cat Returns)
  • PBG (Normal Boots)
  • MatPat (Game Theory/Film Theory)
  • Fandroid (Fandroid)
  • TheOdd1sOut (TheOdd1sOut)
  • Little Apple (Annoying Orange)
  • Internet Sylveon (Pokemon/Internet)
  • Rush Blaze (Sonic/Sonic Rush)
  • Rito Link (Legend Of Zelda/OC)
  • Adventures Red (Pokemon/Pokemon Adventures)
  • Booger (Mixels)
  • Cuphead (Cuphead)
  • Wally (Pokemon)
  • Failboat (Failboat)
  • Lost Silver (Pokemon/Creepypasta)
  • Marina (Splatoon)

Chaotic Era:

  • Dr. Kendo Commentaries (Dr. Kendo Commentaries)
  • Magikarp (Pokemon)
  • Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
  • Infinite (Sonic)
  • Waffle Ryebread (Tail Concerto)
  • Fishy Boopkins (SMG4)
  • Sonic.EXE (Sonic.EXE/Creepypasta)
  • Toon Pinky (Pac-MAN/Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures)
  • Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)
  • Blossom (Powerpuff Girls)
  • Young Jaiden (Jaiden Animations)
  • Adventures Black (Pokemon/Pokemon Adventures)
  • GaMERCat (GaMERCat)

Slowdown Era:

  • A Dog (ItsADogAndGame)
  • Chipflake (Chipflake)
  • Cat Noir (Miraculous)
  • Chris Pratt (Actor)
  • Ross (SkyDoesMinecraft)
  • Goanimate Caillou (Go!Animate)
  • Temmie (Undertale)
  • Stampy (Stampylonghead)
  • Balloon Boy (FNAF)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. (Donkey Kong)
  • Internet X (Pokemon/Internet)
  • Tanooki (PETA) XD
  • Switch Dog (Nintendo Switch)
  • MMD Iris (Jonicito1994)

Key: Bold=Unlockable, XD=Joke, ε=Echo Fighter, μ=Mirror Fighter

Characters (Canceled)

  • Brigette (replaced with Wally)
  • Heracles (replaced with Alexander Hamilton)
  • Earth-Chan (replaced by Ugandan Knuckles)
  • Rin/Len Kagamine (Replaced with Stampy)
  • Bipper (Gravity Falls) (Appears To Lawl Nova As a Mirror Fighter Of Dipper)
  • Pink Sheep (ExplodingTNT) as a Mirror Fighter (Separated from Purple Shep to become his own separate character
  • Best Naruto (MAD) (Loss of Interest+Regular Naruto appears in Smash Bros Lawl 42's sequel, Smash Bros Lawl 43, so it would be odd to include the parody before the original.)
  • Best Pit (MAD) (Loss of Interest) (Replaced by Dr. Kendo Commentaries)
  • Previously Pending Characters:
    • Schoolhouse Sonic (Sonic/Sonic Schoolhouse)
    • Jason (Element Animation)
    • Tattletail (Tattletail)
    • Chris (Superbook)
    • Yellow Guy (DHMIS)
    • Anime Darwin (What if "The Amazing World Of Gumball" was an anime)
    • Meggy (SMG4)
    • Pioneer (The Oregon Trail)
    • Lord Vortech (Lego Dimensions)
    • Alexander Hamilton (Hamilton: An American Musical)
    • Shia LaBeouf (LeBeouf)

Characters (DLC)

  • Shadow Mewtwo (Pokemon/Pokken Tournament)
  • Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
  • Ginji (Pokemon/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/Pokemon Manga)
  • Toon Blaziken (Pokemon/Pokemon Anime)
  • Ari (Jaiden Animations)
  • Fez (DeviantArt/Fezmangaka)
  • August Pullman (Wonder)
  • Molang (Molang)
  • Ugandan Knuckles (VRChat)
  • K.O. (OK K.O.: Let's Be Heroes)
  • Ragdoll (Mutilate-A-Doll 2)
  • Pat & Jen (Popularmmos/GamingWithJen)
  • Plushtrap (FNAF)
  • Team Rocket (Pokemon)


  • TNT Town (ExplodingTNT)
  • Lawl 42 Resort (Smash Bros Lawl)
  • Pallet Town (Pokemon Anime)
  • Library Of Legends (Glitter Force)
  • Soskai's House (Studio Ghibli/Ponyo)
  • Cat Kingdom (Studio Ghibli/The Cat Returns)
  • Review Area (Normal Boots)
  • GTLive (Game Theory/Film Theory)
  • Fandroid Roleplay (Fandroid)
  • Sooubway (TheOdd1sOut)
  • Kitchen (Annoying Orange)
  • Laverre City (Pokemon)
  • Coral Cave (Sonic/Sonic Rush)
  • Dragon Roost Island (Legend of Zelda)
  • Kanto Elite Four (Pokemon Adventures)
  • Mixopolis Zoo (Mixels)
  • Inkwell Isle (Cuphead)
  • Route 102 (Pokemon)
  • Glitched Hypixel (Minecraft/Failboat)
  • Lost Bellsprout Tower (Pokemon/Creepypasta)
  • Dr. Kendo Store (Dr. Kendo Commentaries)
  • Cerulean City (Pokemon)
  • The Capitol (Hunger Games)
  • Hunger Games Simulator (Hunger Games/Internet)
  • Eggman's Facility (Sonic)
  • The Kingdom of Prairie (Tails Concerto)
  • Peach's Castle (SMG4)
  • Hill (Sonic.EXE)
  • Netherworld (Pac-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures)
  • Mythical Studio (Good Mythical Morning)
  • New Townsville (Powerpuff Girls)
  • Jaiden's School (Jaiden Animations)
  • Entralink (Pokemon/Pokemon Adventures)
  • Gaming Room (GaMERCat)
  • The Studio (ItsADogAndGame)
  • Bus Stop (Chipflake)
  • Paris (Miraculous)
  • Jurassic World (Jurassic World)
  • Do Not Laugh (SkyDoesMinecraft)
  • Go!Animate Ville (Go!Animate)
  • Temmie Village (Undertale)
  • Dragondoor (Stampylonghead)
  • Game Area (FNAF)
  • Stage 1 (Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Junior)
  • Vaniville Town (Pokemon)
  • Super Tanooki Skin 2D (PETA)
  • Home Menu (Nintendo Switch)
  • KB Toys (KB Toys)
  • Science Class (Jonicito1994)
  • Inkopolis Square (Splatoon)

Stages (DLC)

  • Shadow Colesseum (Pokemon/Pokken Tournament)
  • Central Park (Spider-Man)
  • Tiny Woods (Pokemon/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)
  • Toon Mauville City (Pokemon/Pokemon Anime)
  • Ari's Cage (Jaiden Animations)
  • Akira's Shop (DeviantArt/Fezmangaka)
  • Beecher Prep (Wonder)
  • The Aquarium (Molang)
  • Uganda (VRChat)
  • Lakewood Plaza Turbo (OK K.O.: Let's Be Heroes)
  • Lab (Mutilate-A-Doll 2)
  • Captain Cookie's Ship (Popularmmos)
  • Plushtrap Hallway (FNAF)
  • Rocket Hideout (Pokemon)

Assist Trophies

  • ExplodingTNT (ExplodingTNT): Places explosives that explode like Bomb-Ombs
  • Jumpman (Donkey Kong): Whips nearby opponents
  • Copy (Fezmangaka): Either transforms into an opponent and uses his or her moves against him or her or works similar to DIO from Lawl Nova
  • Push the Talking Trash Can (Disney/Tomorrowland): "Pushes" opponents and takes items
  • Squash (Annoying Orange): Crushes a random opponent

Key: Bold=Unlockable, Italics=DLC

Easter Eggs

Failboat Phone Calls

If Purple Shep taps his Down Taunt on TNT Town, he calls Failboat to talk about the opponent, even if the opponent is Failboat.

Off the Hook

If Marina taps her Down Taunt on Inkopolis Plaza, she will begin talking about the opponent.


  • Smash Bros Lawl 42 has 2 sequels planned called[Smash Bros Lawl Pearl and Smash Bros Lawl Platinum, the former having been made official.
  • Purple Shep is featured in another user-created Lawl Spinoff, which is Super Lawl Bros. Brawl:Omega & Alpha. However, Failboat also appears as an Assist Trophy in that game.
  • Smash Bros Lawl Diamond was originally called Smash Bros Lawl 42, and even earlier Smash Bros Lawl Melee.

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