super smash bros lawl slamfest is a newly announced lawl game with two makers for the first time they are

joshuakrasinksi and bubbyaustin they will also be both coming up with characters


kano (mortal kombat)

the finisher (slam city)

armadon (primal rage)

the blue beetle (dc comics)

foot soldier( tmnt)

rockhopper (club penguin)

gizmo duck(ducktales)

Gustab Munchausen  (king of fighters memorial)

alucard (castlevania)

secret squirrel (hanna barbera)

goodman (neo geo battle coliseum)

sandy cheeks (spongebob squarepants)

kilowog (dc comics)

aquaman (dc comics)

metal sonic (sonic the hedgehog)

wreck it ralph (disney)

iron patriot (marvel)

tiger claw (tmnt)

the winter soldier (marvel)


space ghost (hanna barbera)

leatherhead (tmnt)

waterhazard (ben 10)

sub zero (mortal kombat)

buzz lightyear (toy story)

red dino thunder ranger (power rangers)

red mighty morphin ranger (power rangers)

spawn (dark horse comics)

sin cara (wwe)

the hurrricane (wwe)

shining armor (my little pony friendship is magic)

nova (marvel)

sarah n dippity

fiona the human (adventure time) (only as a alternate costume)

finn the human (adventure time)

spiderman unlimited (marvel)

legion of doom (wwf)

heavy (team fortress 2)

starfire (teen titans)

hiro (big hero six)

baymax ( big hero six)

oh (dreamworks home)

the green ninja (ninjago/ lego)

sally acorm (sonic the hedgehog)

bulma (dragonball)

emma (power rangers megaforce)

jinmay (super robot monkey team hyperforce go)

kelly kelly (wwe)

assist trophies:

unicorn puffle (club penguin)

spider (minecraft)

claptrap (borderlands)

perky the penguin aka mark henry (slam city)

el torito (wwe)

trogdor (homestar runner)

lumpy space princess (adventure time)

uncle pennybags (monopoly)

batmobile (batman)

lady rainicorn (adventure time)


the sewers (tmnt)

the finishers office(slam city)

blacknoah (king of fighters 94)

titans tower (teen titans)

duckburg (ducktales)

san fransokyo (big hero 6)

shao kahn's arena (mortal kombat)

alien ship (dreamworks home)

the land of ooh (adventure time)

dojo (ninjago)

freedom fighter hq ( sonic the hedgehog)

kame house (dragonball)

the city (meagaforce)

shugazoom city (super robot monkey team hyperforce go)

wwe ring (wwe)


tom bergeron

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