Ready for Toon Freddy?

A head of Toon Golden Freddy appears floating to the stage. He spins around to a yellow tornado which turns brown and out appears Toon Freddy Fazbear


Neutral B: Music Box

Freddy gets out a music box and winds it. Any opponent close to Freddy while he's winding will get paralyzed. After the song plays the Marionette will pop out and scare opponents still. The more damage the opponent has the more knocked back they will be 

Side B: Get 'im Foxy

Freddy calls Foxy and he appears beside him. His normal attacks are stronger when he has Foxy. Press B again to make Foxy lunge on opponents. It takes 5 hits to defeat Foxy. Wait 5 seconds to resummon him

Up B: Help from Toon Chica

Freddy calls for Chica, grabs on to her and flys. Press B to make her throw pizza slices 

Down B: Cuteness

Freddy's eyes grow big and makes Female opponents daw making them motionless. 5 second cool-down

FINAL SMASH: Oops you did it again

Freddy will start singing his Brittany Spears parody. After he sings the screen goes dark and Freddy attacks the opponent with a Jump-scare


Oops. you. did it again.

You played with the doors.

You lost your power.

Oh Mikey, Mikey

Inspiration Clip



KO2: Noooo

StarKO: *FNAF Scream*

ScreenKO: AAAH!


Up: *Does Amethyst's pose*

Side: *Waves hello*

Down: *Jumps excitedly*

Victory Options 

Victory 1: *Group hug with Toon Bonnie and Toon Chica* (Much like Amethyst's 2nd Victory Pose)

Victory 2: *Funny Jumpscare*

Victory 3: *Spins*

Victory 4: (Against His Sista) ???

Victory 5: (With His Sista) ???

Lose: *Crying like Mama Luigi*

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

AAA Combo- Microphone swings

Dash Attack- Car 

Tilt Attacks

Side- Want a bisquit?

Up- Vibrating Head

Down- Swipe Kick


Side- Jumpscare sideways

Up- Jumpscare upward

Down- Spins like Wario's Down Smash


N-Air - IT'S ME

F-Air - Kick

B-Air - Flutter Kick

U-Air - Vibrating Head

D-Air - Vibrating Legs

Grabs, Throws

Grab- Grab with one hand

Pummel- Poke

Forward- Smacks opponent forward

Back- ???

Up- ???

Down- TWILIGHT ISN'T LITERATURE (Smacks opponent hard on the ground 5 times while saying that)


Ledge attack: ???

100% ledge attack: ???

Front attack: ???

Back attack: ???

Trip attack: ???

Waiting Animations

Wait 1: Twitches

Wait 2: Tips his hat and puts it back on

Freddy's Head

Victory Theme

FNaF - The Living Tombstone (Starts at 2:28)

Kirby Hat

Freddy's Hat, Ears and Eyebrows 



Snake Codec

Otacon: Snake! Watch out!

Snake: What? This Teddy Bear?

Otacon: That's Freddy Fazbear. He may look nothing like Regular Freddy but he has much different moves

Snake: Dos'nt look that tough to me...Looks like a cheap kid show puppet

Otacon: Yeah...Anyway Freddy can use his Music Box to play music and he can fly using Chica

Snake: Music Box?.....Chica?.....

Otacon: But wait here's the best part...for his Final Smash he sings...

Snake: This is making my head hurt

Otacon: Look...Just start fighting him and i'm sure everything will make sence

Snake: *Groans*

Daily Buglin'


Maxwell and Dexter's Guidance


Colors and Costumes


  • Default
    Toon Freddy Fazbear Fazgirl Costume

    His Fazgirl costume

  • Red (Foxy) (R)
  • Blue (B)
  • Green (G)
  • Yellow (Chica/Golden Freddy)
  • Purple (Bonnie)
  • Realisticly Colored Freddy
  • Realisticly Colored Bonnie
  • Realisticly Colored Chica
  • Realisticly Colored Foxy
  • Realisticly Colored Golden Freddy
  • Pink
  • Black & White (Panda)


  • Pinkie Pie shirt
  • Fluttershy shirt
  • Elsa dress
  • Panty Anarchy dress 
  • Freddy Fazgirl 


  • He is Lawl Toon's first fan-made fighter 
  • Lojo98 created him




Smash Bros02:26

Smash Bros. Lawl Toon Moveset Toon Freddy Fazbear

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